Come Learn, Grow & Enjoy with us!

Why work with Kasko Cattle Company:

At Kasko Cattle Company we offer an environment where employees have the opportunity to Learn, Grow & Enjoy.  We want our employees to have the opportunity to LEARN new skills, gain valuable knowledge in cattle health and cattle handling techniques and understand the operational processes in making the business a success.  We want our employees to have the opportunity to GROW personally and professionally.  We offer continuous professional development and a dynamic culture of a highly engaged workforce.  Lastly, we want our employees to ENJOY working at Kasko Cattle Company.  We provide a positive team environment where every team member is encouraged to reach their full potential and have a lot of fun doing it!

Even more reasons to work for Kasko Cattle Company:

  • We offer competitive wages – even for entry level positions
  • Education Reimbursement Plan
  • Employer paid pension plan
  • Employer paid health, dental & vision benefit plan
  • Long-term disability, life and accidental death and dismemberment benefits
  • Employee housing, if available 
  • Horse pay, if applicable


Our Standard Recruitment Process
1) Apply via website or Indeed.
2) Your resume is directly sent to our HR Manager.
3) HR Manager reviews resume.
4) HR Manager rejects resume OR calls candidate for a preliminary phone interview and then may arrange an in-person interview.
5) HR Manager and Feedlot Manager either decide to end the process OR HR Manager will contact references and if positive, a formal offer will be given. 

Why You May Not Receive a Call for an Interview
Our HR Manager looks at:
1) Your overall direct experience for the position and the industry.
2) Dates of past jobs.
3) Tenure or length in previous positions (related to the industry or not) 
4) Name of the past companies you've worked for.
5) Titles of your past position.

We do have positions available for individuals with no experience working in a feedlot. In order to be selected, you need to show determination, passion and drive to be willing to learn something new. We also look for candidates that share in our values - teamwork, respect, adaptability, dependability and positive attitude. If this sounds like you, and you have sent in a resume and haven't been contacted, show up at our Home Lot office (find us under the "Locations" tab on our website) and ask to speak to our HR Manager! We look forward to meeting you!