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In Pursuit of Excellence:

At Kasko Cattle Company we strive for excellence in all aspects of raising cattle on our yards. We focus on food safety, optimal cattle health and nutrition, and best practices in animal welfare. To ensure we meet these goals, we partner with nutritionists, veterinarians and other professionals.

Verified Beef Production:

Kasko Cattle Company was the second feedlot in Canada has been certified by the Verified Beef Production (VBP) since 2002. VBP is Canada’s verified on-farm food safety program for beef – a dynamic program to uphold consumer confidence in the products and good practices of Canada’s beef producers. VBP defines standards for the safety, quality and consistency of Canadian beef and beef products. To learn more of the Verified Beef Production visit:

McDonald’s Canadian Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot Project:

This Pilot Project was designed to enable Canadian beef producers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable beef production though a self-assessment and a 3rd party verification by a qualified professional from “Where Food Comes From”. To learn more visit: and

Coaldale Veterinary Clinic:

Kasko Cattle Company works closely with the veterinarians at Coaldale Veterinary Clinic to ensure optimal herd health and animal welfare through proficient production animal management. Dr. Phil makes weekly visits to our yards to examine the overall herd health, determine preventative measures and expedite the recovery of sick or injured animals.

Ongoing Animal Handling and Animal Welfare training:

Kasko Cattle Company is committed to providing ongoing training to employees regarding animal handling and welfare to ensure our employees are updated on the latest practices and are trained to put their skills to use. Coaldale Vet Clinic regularly provides Animal Handling and Animal Welfare Training to our feedlot workers. Kasko Cattle Company also brings in outside experts to ensure employees are up to date on the latest methods of cattle handling. Kasko Cattle Company has and continues to invest in improving infrastructure and facilities specifically designed for safety of employees, comfort of cattle and low stress cattle handling techniques.

Alberta Beef Producers:

Kasko Cattle supports the Alberta Beef Producers. Since 1969, Alberta Beef Producers are driven to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the beef industry for the benefit of beef producers in Alberta.

Alberta Cattle Feeder’s Association:

Alberta Cattle Feeder’s Association aggressively pursues innovative and collaborative solutions for a thriving Alberta beef industry. They represent a voice of cattle feeders and address feedlot, market, trade and competitive issues and provide a forum for policy development. Ryan Kasko has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alberta Cattle Feeder's Association and is still very much involved.